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Overview[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Tactics (戦術) can be accessed by going to Fleet edit (艦隊) from the home screen.

Each Fleet can utilize a tactic to boost its effectiveness, multiple Fleets can use the same tactic.All Tactics will boost Fleet damage regardless of class, starting at 3 ships 20%, increasing by 10% for every additional ship up to 6 ships 50%.

Image Level unlocked Tactic name Activation vessel types Effects
Tactics cruiser.png Clear 1F Cruiser Fleet Tactics


3 CL/CA Increases Fleet damage by 10%

Increases BC, BB Speed by 10%

DDs can now use [Main Battery] from Medium range

Tactics destroyer.png Clear 1F Destroyer Fleet Tactics


3 DD Increases Fleet damage by 10%

If the Fleet misses a [Torpedo Salvo], will automatically reload 1 [Torpedo Salvo] after 15 seconds

Tactics carrier.png Clear 1F Carrier Fleet Tactics


3 CV Increases Fleet damage by 10%

CVs will choose their targets based on their equipment.

Tactics battleship.png Clear 1F Battleship Fleet Tactics


3 BC/BB Increases Fleet Crit Rate by 10%

Increases Fleet Speed by 10%

[Main Battery] cannot be affected by T-Disadvantage

Tactics long range.png 20 (needs checking) Long-range Fleet Tactics


3 BC/BB/CV Increases Fleet damage by 10%

Increases Fleet Speed by 10% when beyond Medium Range

If Auto-Battle is on, the Fleet will attempt to stay outside Medium Range

Tactics cyclic fire.png 30 (needs checking) Cyclic Fire Tactics


3 CL/CA/BC/BB If [Main Battery Salvo] does not include cruisers, cruisers will have their next [Main Battery Salvo] buffed.

(The bonus damage is 20% * Number of Ships firing, added onto the next salvo.)

Tactics arson.png 40 Arson Tactics


3 any 50% for [Fire] to re-ignite on the same target after expiring.
Tactics waterlogged.png ? Flooding Tactics
3 any All [Flooding] damage is increased by 160%, and [Flooding] damage is applied immediately after the debuff. [Flooding] no longer slows enemies hit, and the enemy recovers health over 10 seconds equal to 50% of [Flooding] damage received.
Tactics destroyer assault.png 50 Destroyer Assault Tactics


5 DD Increases Fleet damage by 20%

If Auto-Battle is on, the Fleet will attempt to stay within Close Range

Tactics torpedo barrier.png ? Torpedo Barrier Tactics


Not ingame
Tactics shelling barrier.png ? Shelling Barrier Tactics


Not ingame
Tactics bombing.png ? ? Not ingame
Tactics godeep.png ? ? Not ingame
Tactics kaboom.png ? ? Not ingame
Tactics rainbow.png ? ? Not ingame
Tactics submarine.png ? ? Not ingame

Additional damage buff[edit | hide | edit source]

A damage buff depending on the number of Ships in the current fleet when a tactic is active. (Untested)

Going into battle with 3 Ships increases damage by 20%.

Going into battle with 4 Ships increases damage by 30%.

Going into battle with 5 Ships increases damage by 40%.

Going into battle with 6 Ships increases damage by 50%.