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Retrofitting Senki is a new feature added on 23/11/20, together with the Umbral Invasion Sea Areas.

Umbral Invasion Button
Retrofit Button

Retrofitting a Senki goes through multiple stages, each requiring increasingly rare resources acquired from Umbral Invasion Nodes and Umbral Outposts.

List of Senki with Retrofit can be accessed in the Gallery In-Game.

List of Senki with Retrofit
Senki Class Rarity Date Stages
IJN Shouhou CV SSR 23/11/20 3/3
USS Arizona BB SSR 23/11/20 3/3
USS Portland CA SSR 30/11/20 3/3
KMS Z23 DD SR 30/11/20 2/3
USS Pennsylvania BB SSR 8/12/20 3/3
USS North Carolina BB UR 15/12/20 3/3
HMS Glowworm DD SSR 22/12/20 3/3

Retrofit Materials[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Umbral Invasion Area List
Umbral Invasion Outpost

Retrofit Materials are acquired by:

  1. Fighting through Umbral Invasion Nodes (Fixed Amount; One-Time Reward only)
  2. Allocating Ships into the Umbral Outposts (Continuous gain, but uses Senki Morale)
  3. Rewards for investing into the Senki Retrofit Tree (Fixed Amount; One-Time Reward only)

Umbral Outposts[edit | hide | edit source]

Outposts are unlocked for the Area you've cleared, giving you access to build up Outposts that haul in Coins and Retromats.

However, this feature acts as an extension to the Base Infrastructure, since it works like a Foward Operating Base.

Upgrading Outposts cost Coins, Modification Materials, Base Materials as well as Steel/Alumi.

The reward for upgrading Outposts is to give more Senki Sortie Slots within that Outpost, allowing you to increase rewards, up to 6 slots.

The amount you are rewarded depends on the Combined Combat Power of Senki in that Outpost, for every 20k Power you get 0.05x more rewards additively.

  • 20k gives you 1.05x
  • 40k gives you 1.10x
  • Up to 200k at 1.50x

At least 1 ship is required to be inside the Outpost for it to generate any rewards.

Outpost Menu

There is also an auto-morale recovery function on the Outpost Menu, which automatically uses 50 Onsen Coins to recover 60 Morale for any ship that hits 0 Morale while in the Outpost.

You may also spend 1500 Oil up to 2 times a day on any Outpost to receive a 1-Day Production Reward from that specific Outpost.

Retrofit: How it Works[edit | hide | edit source]

Retrofitting ships go through 3 stages:
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Enhanced Skill New Skill New Art; Increased Rarity
Retro Stage 1.jpg Retro Stage 2.jpg Retro Stage 3.jpg

Retrofit Nodes start from the main upgrade (skills/rarity) in the centre, then status upgrades spiral outwards with increasing costs and rarity of materials.

All nodes in the stage must be bought before you may advance to the next stage.