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Guilds in BO are called Grand Fleets (大艦隊 dai-kantai) and open up additional gameplay functions for the player in addition to being a place to socialize. Your Guild can be accessed from the bottom right of your home screen.

Joining a guild[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

You can search the guild name or choose a recommended guild and hit 申請 to apply for entry. The guild master needs to approve it before you can get in.

(Screenshots and more text because I did this already)

General guild information[edit | hide | edit source]

Guilds have levels which increase the maximum possible number of guild members in the guild.

Guild level can be increased by completing guild missions.

Using up all 10 guild mission contribution tries unlocks the fleet gacha for that day.

The guild master can appoint up to two sub-master.

If the guild master does not log in for a week, members have the ability to boot the guild master and choose a new master.

On the midnight 7 days after the vote has began, all candidates will be tabulated and the sub-master with the highest contribution points will become the master. If there is no sub-master, the member with the highest contribution points will be chosen.

If the guild master logs in during the 7-day vote, the vote becomes null.

If you quit a guild, you will not be able to join a new guild for the next 24 hours.

Guild missions[edit | hide | edit source]

Something something DANGER ZONE guild missions

List of guild missions[edit | hide | edit source]

JP EN Gold Fleet coins Contrib points Guild exp Notes
鉛20点を寄贈する Donate 20 Aluminium 1000 50 55 20 JP says lead but you donate Aluminium the game has no lead
鋼材20点を寄贈する Donate 20 Steel 1000 50 55 20
鉛40点を寄贈する Donate 40 Aluminium 1200 60 70 20
鋼材40点を寄贈する Donate 40 Steel 1200 60 70 20
鉛60点を寄贈する Donate 60 Aluminium 1400 70 85 20
鋼材60点を寄贈する Donate 60 Steel 1400 70 85 20
鉛80点を寄贈する Donate 80 Aluminium 1600 80 100 20
鋼材80点を寄贈する Donate 80 Steel 1600 80 100 20
鉛100点を寄贈する Donate 100 Aluminium 1800 90 115 20
鋼材100点を寄贈する Donate 100 Steel 1800 90 115 20


Donate 1 Def. Skill textbook 900 45 45 20


Donate 2 Def. Skill textbooks 1000 50 50 20


Donate 3 Def. Skill textbooks 1100 55 55 20


Donate 1 Atk. Skill textbook 900 45 45 20


Donate 2 Atk. Skill textbooks 1000 50 50 20


Donate 3 Atk. Skill textbooks 1100 55 55 20
レア度Rの15cm SK C/25三連装砲1基を寄贈する Donate 1 R 15cm SK C/25 triple turret 1000 50 50 20
レア度Rの20.3cm三連装砲1基を寄贈する Donate 1 R 20.3cm triple turret
レア度Rの三年式12.7cm連装砲1基を寄贈する Donate 1 R 15cm SK C/25 triple turret 1000 50 50 20
レア度Rの艦本式ボイラー(中)1基を寄贈する Donate 1 R Shipboard Boiler (medium) 1000 50 50 20
中濃度オースソーダ1本を寄贈する Donate 1 Medium-concentration Oath Cola 1000 50 50 20
低濃度オースソーダ1本を寄贈する Donate 1 Low-concentration Oath Cola 1100 55 55 20
中濃度オースソーダ2本を寄贈する Donate 2 Medium-concentration Oath Colas 1200 60 60 20
最低3隻戦艦を派遣して、任意の海域クエストを1回クリアする Clear any scouting quest with at least 3 BBs in the party 800 40 40 20 海域 naval district (second tab in between story and challenge) called scouting?survey? in english community

Screenshot translations[edit | hide | edit source]

Guild landing page[edit | hide | edit source]

This is what you see when you enter your guild.


Box on the left with the gauges
JP EN Notes
艦長 Captain Guild master
艦隊人数 Number of members
艦隊レベル Fleet level
今日獲得できる経験値 Maximum daily experience Guild exp
艦隊宣言 Fleet announcement
Box in the middle with the chat
JP EN Notes
入力してください Type something
: )
送信 Send
艦隊ショップ Guild shop Buy stuff with your guild coins
Tabs on the right
JP EN Notes
トップ Home Guild landing page
隊員 Members
任務 Missions Guild missions

Guild members page[edit | hide | edit source]

A list of every member in the guild and how much they contributed to the guild.


Box in the middle
JP EN Notes
プレイヤー Player name
合計値 Total contribution points
今日の貢献値 Today's contribution points
プレイヤー状態 Status Green is online, anything else is "X hours ago"
Bottom of screen
JP EN Notes
隊員ソート Sort members
艦隊を離 Quit guild Supposed to be 艦隊を離脱
Member sort
JP EN Notes
昇順 Ascending order Sort option
降順 Descending order Sort option
役職 Role Index option
合計値 Total contributions points Index option
今日の貢献値 Today's contribution points Index option
レベル Level Index option
ログイン状態 Status Index option

Guild missions page[edit | hide | edit source]

Guild-only missions.


Top of middle frame
JP EN Notes
任務 Missions Guild missions
報酬 Rewards Guild rewards
艦隊ガチャ Fleet gacha Guild gacha
残り任務完了回数 Contributions left Making one donation costs one of these contributions
今日の貢献値 Today's contribution points
所持中の艦隊コイン Fleet coins in invenentory
Missions (任務) tab contents
JP EN Notes
新しい任務 New mission Bottom left blue button
連続任務の報酬 Guild-wide mission reward Bottom right blue button. Rewards are sent to the fleet gacha.
寄贈する Donate Green button


Rewards (報酬) tab contents
JP EN Notes
貢献報酬 Contribution reward Reward given based on the contribution points you earned (collected manually)
連盟の合計貢献値 Guild total contribution points
昨日の分配記録 Yesterday's rewards
艦隊ガチャ Fleet gacha Fleet gacha rewards are randomly handed out at midnight
今日の報酬一覧 Today's rewards


Fleet gacha (艦隊ガチャ) tab contents
JP EN Notes
報酬庫内の報酬一 List of rewards in guild coffers 報酬一覧......
ガチャ Pull gacha
ガチャの結果 Gacha results Past pulls?