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Enemy UnknownGamma Full.png

The Gold Daily is a 60s overworld segment, 60s day battle, 20s night battle ranking quest that does not consume any resources to run.

Players are rewarded with Gold depending on their percentile rank when the daily resets (00:00 JST), and players are ranked based on the maximum amount of damage done to the boss in a single run.

Percentile 0.00%–0.20% 0.21%–1.00% 1.01%–2.00% 2.01%–5.00% 5.01%–10.00% 10.01%–20.00% 20.01%–40.00% 40.01%–60.00% 60.01%–80.00% 80.01%–100.00%
Reward 50,000 Gold 45,000 Gold 40,000 Gold 35,000 Gold 30,000 Gold 25,000 Gold 20,000 Gold 15,000 Gold 10,000 Gold 5,000 Gold

Special Version[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

A special version of the Coin Daily may replace the regular version for a limited time. This version is an 80s day battle and there are additional enemies and a course restriction, but the reward tiers remain the same. Damage done to all enemies will count towards the daily, although each DD will only count for 100 damage (they each have 100 HP).

Map Enemy composition
Map SpecialGoldDaily.png
Quest MapEffect Icon Mine.png Fixed course: Ships take 5% of their health as damage every second when not on the designated course.

Quest MapEffect Icon Revenge.png Sense death: Your fleet gains a 40% damage buff that lasts 20s when a Mover Destroyer is sunk. (Does not stack)

DE Laffey takes 20% more damage (confirmed).
Map Boss.pngEnemy UI icon boss1.png
Map Mob1.pngEnemy UI icon boss3.png
Map Mob2.pngEnemy UI icon DD.png
Map Mob3.pngEnemy UI icon DD.png

Event History[edit | hide | edit source]

May 12, 2020 to May 26, 2020