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Common Mechanics[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Combat Mechanics[edit | hide | edit source]

The game features a damage system that will directly affects how much damage you deal and what weapons are available for usage.

There are 4 states of damage, they are :

  • Undamaged. Weapons are fully operational and will deal full damage
  • Damaged. Weapons are partly damaged and will deal reduced damage, disables torpedo and airstrikes.
  • Heavy Damage. Weapons are damaged and will deal much reduced damage, disables weapons after the sortie where the ship is heavily damaged.
  • Sunk. Ship will sink with a cutscene, disables everything including skills. Sinking is not permanent death and the ship can be healed after the battle.

It is worth noting that the damage system also applies to the enemy, making it beneficial to damage the enemy as much as possible before they can attack your fleet.

Cut-in damage are scaled off of Firepower and is not affected by damage state.

Combat Grade[edit | hide | edit source]

The game grades your combat performance from F to SS depending on how well you perform. As of April 27, 2020, grading criteria for all maps are the same. Requirements are cumulative in that all conditions below a grade have to be fulfilled to achieve said grade. Note that lettered maps (1-A, 2-H, etc.) only go up to S.

SS: Clear the map with two or less ships at heavy damage (red health)

S: Clear the map with 20 seconds or more remaining

A: Clear the map without losing any ships

B: Sink the enemy fleet

C: Fail to sink the enemy fleet but dealing significant damage to clear the stage

F: Fail to do enough damage to clear the stage

GameMechanics Grade.png

Stars[edit | hide | edit source]

GameMechanics Stars.png

Regular quests have 3 achievable stars that give various rewards when a certain number of stars have been achieved for the world (10/20/30 stars for lettered quests and 3/6/9/12 stars for numbered quests). Star conditions are divided into two types: those for numbered quests and those for lettered quests. Stars can be obtained separately across multiple runs.

Lettered quest (1-A, 1-B, etc.) stars:

Sink all enemies

Clear with at least 10% time remaining (18s or more for most quests)

Clear with at least 25% time remaining (45s or more for most quests)

Numbered quest (1-1, 1-2, etc.) stars:

Sink the enemy main fleet with a grade of A or above

Engage with every enemy in the quest and clear with SS grade

(World 1 only) Clear within the allotted time

(Worlds past 1) Clear with 25% time remaining

Ship Class Mechanics[edit | hide | edit source]

Destroyers (DD)[edit | hide | edit source]

  • + Fastest ship class, recommended to use as Flagship to speed up map navigating speed
  • + Very strong torpedoes with skills for potentially more torpedoes
  • + Fastest salvo reload but with weak firepower. Allowing for easier Cut-in triggering.
  • + Limit Break allows for bonus night battle damage, making them deadlier in night battles.
  • + Max Limit Break DDs launches torpedoes at battle start that does not consume torpedo charges
  • - Very fragile
  • - Salvo is limited to close range unless using cruiser tactics and Salvo damage is almost negligible outside of cut-ins
  • - Max Limit Break Torpedoes have a high chance of missing if spawning in long range depending on where you spawn in combat.

Light/Heavy Cruisers (CL/CA)[edit | hide | edit source]

  • + The most versatile class with flexible equipment choice depending on preference and needs
  • + Good torpedoes with limited charges
  • + Fast salvo reload with good firepower that can fire from medium range
  • + Max Limit Break bonus allows for quick burst of damage in a short timeframe
  • + Newbie friendly
  • - Somewhat fragile
  • - Being versatile is just another way of saying not exceptional at anything

Battleships/Battlecruisers (BB/BC)[edit | hide | edit source]

  • + Highest firepower due to equipment and stats.
  • + Very durable thanks to their armor and skills.
  • + Salvo can be fired from long range, making outranging enemies easier.
  • - Battleships have slow travel speed, try not to put them in flagship slot, and not to accidentally leave them outside the battle circle
  • - Very slow reload speed at 15 seconds/salvo
  • - Very prone to overkilling, wasting their damage on dead enemies.
  • - Max Limit Break bonus is practically useless
  • - Great BB/BC are gacha locked, requiring luck to get them.

Aircraft Carriers (CV)[edit | hide | edit source]

  • + Airstrikes allows for map scouting and pre-emptive airstrikes outside of battle to great effects. Useful for scouting supplies and enemies
  • + Durable thanks to their armor
  • + Airstrikes can be launched regardless of range
  • + Max Limit break bonus is a free airstrike on entering combat, giving them another source of damage
  • - Very slow airstrike reload at 25s
  • - Prone to overkilling, due to how high every airstrike damage is.
  • - Can only airstrike once or twice a battle due to their reload outside of special airstrikes.
  • - Cannot launch planes at night battles.

Numbered Quest-Only Mechanics[edit | hide | edit source]

Ammunition[edit | hide | edit source]

On True Ocean Area Quests, your fleet will have an ammunition limited indicated on the top of the screen.

GameMechanics ammo.png

Each enemy encounter consumes 20% of your ammunition, with fleet damage reduced by 50% at 0% ammunition. On maps with 6 or more enemy fleets, there will usually be a supply pickup somewhere on the map, which will replenish 30% of your ammunition reserves. This effect can be increased by ships with special skills, like Tenryuu.

Danger Level/Battle Skip[edit | hide | edit source]

Maps that have an overworld mode have a danger level that changes the more times you clear the map. The more times you clear the map, the "safer" it becomes and enables the ability to skip non-boss battles if certain conditions are met (running into the enemy automatically nets your fleet a victory without consuming ammunition). A special cut-in will play upon skipping a battle. Upon reaching danger level 1, or "safe," all ships in the fleet will have the same speed as your fastest ship. At player level 60, the danger level for a map can be manually selected up to the level currently unlocked.

GameMechanics DangerLevel1.pngGameMechanics DangerLevel2.png

Danger Level Requirement Unlock
7 Default level
6 Clear the map with a grade of B or above Unlocks auto continue after a battle (if auto mode is on)
5 Clear the map 2 times with a grade of B or above Allows up to 1 battle skip for each ship that meets the fleet condition
4 Clear the map 4 times with a grade of B or above Allows up to 2 battle skips for each ship that meets the fleet condition
3 Clear the map 6 times with a grade of B or above Allows up to 3 battle skips for each ship that meets the fleet condition
2 Clear the map 8 times with a grade of B or above Allows up to 4 battle skips for each ship that meets the fleet condition
1 Clear the map 10 times with a grade of B or above Allows up to 5 battle skips for each ship that meets the fleet condition

Note: Danger level automatically decreases to 1 when completing a map with a 3★ rating

Variable Ship Speed[edit | hide | edit source]

The ships in your fleet sail at their own speeds instead of a unified speed for the entire fleet. This means that it is possible to go into battle without your full fleet if some ships are too slow.

TrueOceanAreaQuests Speed.png

Ships that are outside your flagship's detection circle will be marked with 不参加 and will not participate in encounters until they catch up.

Aircraft Carriers[edit | hide | edit source]

Aircraft carriers are able to launch reconnaissance planes (10s cooldown) to explore the map, as well as launch airstrikes from (60s cooldown) the map.
Note that you can lose planes in airstrikes, just as in regular combat.

TrueOceanAreaQuests Planes.png

Persistent Boss Health[edit | hide | edit source]

For the first clear, some bosses have a health bar that persists between runs. If the boss is defeated in the run, it will deplete 1/3 of the health bar. Note that stars are only rewarded for the final run, and that pursuit battles do not delete the health bar.

TrueOceanAreaQuests BossHealth.png

Pursuit Battle[edit | hide | edit source]

After defeating the boss in a normal numbered quest, a boss fleet-only, 90 oil "pursuit" version of the quest will become available for one run. While there are no fodder drops or map elements, it gives players another chance to obtain the boss drop (usually a rare ship) and experience. A pursuit battle can be changed back to its regular version using the TrueOceanAreaQuests Pursuit Switch.png icon.

TrueOceanAreaQuests Pursuit.png