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Various equipment can be given to ships to enhance their offensive and defensive capabilities. In addition to numeric stat boosts, SR and SSR equipment give an additional effect that gets stronger with each limit break level.

Upgrading Equipment[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Equipment can be upgraded to a maximum of +30 (+40 if locked to a ship) and 5★. Materials required for upgrades are as follows.

Upgrade Level Materials Needed
+1 to +5 Oath Parts C x2 per level
1★ Upgrade Parts x5 + Gold x5,000
+6 to +10 Oath Parts C x5 per level
2★ Upgrade Parts x10 + Gold x10,000
+11 to +15 Oath Parts B x5 per level
3★ Upgrade Parts x20 + Gold x20,000 + Same Equipment OR Universal Oath Equipment Core x1
+16 to +20 Oath Parts B x10 per level
4★ Upgrade Parts x30 + Gold x40,000 + Same Equipment OR Universal Oath Equipment Core x1
+21 to +25 Oath Parts A x12 per level
5★ Upgrade Parts x40 + Gold x80,000 + Same Equipment OR Universal Oath Equipment Core x1
+25 to +30 Oath Parts A x20 per level
+30 Total Oath Parts A x160 + Oath Parts B x75 + Oath Parts C x35 + Upgrade Parts x105 + Gold x155,000 + Universal Oath Equipment Core x3
+30 to +40 High-Grade Equipment Exchange Coin x10 + Oath Parts A x8 + Upgrade Parts x8 + Gold x20,000 per level

Locking Equipment[edit | hide | edit source]

Upon reaching +30, equipment can be locked to a ship, allowing the equipment to be upgraded up to +40. There are no additional secondary effect bonuses from +30 to +40. To unlock a piece of equipment, a Lock Block Item Lockblock.png is required. Lock Blocks can be purchased from Asahi's shop for 200,000 or 50 . Unlocking a piece of equipment will revert it back to +30 and refund any materials used to upgrade it past +30.

Steps[edit | hide | edit source]

1. Upgrade the equipment to +30.
Equipment LockBlock1.png
2. Equip onto a ship and press "Lock (ロック)".
Equipment LockBlock2.png
3. Press "Confirm (確認)".
Equipment LockBlock3.png
4. This locks the equipment to the ship.
Equipment LockBlock4.png

Unlocking[edit | hide | edit source]

1. Press "unlock (解除)" to unlock the equipment, consuming one Lock Block Item Lockblock.png in the process.
Equipment LockBlock5.png