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Blue Oath has a real-time co-op mode with 3 players using fleets of 4 ships. Each sortie consumes 1 RP, and players are allowed to have a maximum of 5 RP. It takes 3 hours to regenerate one point of RP. Drops from this mode can be used to exchange for weekly-refreshing resonance and equipment LB mats at the shop.

The co-op mode can be accessed from the bottom right of the screen (出撃→共闘)

Coop Home.pngCoop Missions.png

Each enemy has 3 difficulties, and higher difficulties can only be unlocked by clearing the preceding difficulty in single player mode (which allows for a fleet of 6 ships).

Coop Difficulty.png

Selecting "Join Team" will bring up a list of currently open rooms.

Coop Join.png

Joining or creating a room will bring up this screen. When creating a room, select the icon next to the room type to change the room into a public room.

Coop Room.png

Enemies[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Image Name (JP) Name (EN) Notes
Coop Gamma.png 共鳴激闘 vs Γ Resonance Duel vs Γ Skill torps yellow.pngType-specific provisions: DD are given 3, CL 2, and CA/BC/BB 1 torpedoes at the start of battle if the ship can equip torpedoes.

Skill dodge blue.pngBlessing circle (S): All ships inside the circle deal 30% more damage and heal over time.
Coop Heal.png
Skill alloutalchemist red.pngMobile Recovery Packs: The boss will periodically unleash an attack that hits all directions when under 50% HP. Triangular items that move towards the boss will spawn should a player be hit by this attack. The items can be recovered to heal your fleet, and heal the boss should they touch the boss.
Coop GammaFan.png
Skill callingstar yellow.pngReserves: When under 10% HP, the boss will charge up a heal for 10 seconds, healing for 15% of its health after charging. Charging can be interrupted by doing enough damage to the boss.
Coop Heal2.png
Attacks can be dodged by entering the blue squares that periodically spawn, and the boss puts up a shield that blocks all damage when reaching 50% HP.

Coop Hood.png 共鳴激闘 vs H Resonance Duel vs H Skill torps yellow.pngType-specific provisions: DD are given 3, CL 2, and CA/BC/BB 1 torpedoes at the start of battle if the ship can equip torpedoes.

Skill reload red.pngBarrier support: Two escort ships will spawn with the boss. When there are two escorts, the boss will take 98% less damage. When there is one escort, the boss will take 49% less damage. Secondary battery shots that hit the boss will disable the barrier for 5 seconds.

Coop Portland.png シェフの暴走 The Berserk Chef Skill anglerfish red.pngAnglerfish pot: The berserk Portland occasionally launches anglerfish pots at the players, which damages ships and reduces their attack by 40%. Pots can be destroyed with airstrikes, torpedoes, or secondary battery fire. Clearing anglerfish pots this was deals damage to Portland.

Skill spray blue.pngHoly spray: Spray cans periodically drop into the ocean, which eliminates anglerfish pots around the player when activated. Each can has 2 charges.
Skill anglerfish blue.pngDelicious anglerfish pots: Delicious anglerfish pots are periodically mixed in with the other pots. Ships consuming these pots are healed and deal +15% damage.
Skill anglerfish red.pngThe Final Dish: When Portland reaches 15% health, or when 100 seconds have passed, she launches the Final Dish attack.

Trivia[edit | hide | edit source]

Co-op mode was added as a permanent game mode on April 27, 2021 after a short test event with Unknown M one month before.

Coop Old.png

Gamma HP: Easy: 235,540 Normal: 661,453 Hard: 1,224,553