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Orders (指令) is this game's version of a battle pass, with free and premium passes that refresh monthly. The pass has weekly and monthly missions, with weapons, skins, BP store tickets and other various items as rewards. BP tickets obtained from levelling up your pass can be used in the BP store, which contains Graf Zeppelin and other various items for raising your ships.

Orders can be accessed from the top left of the home menu. Events BPhome.png

The pass has an upper level limit of 50, with 1000 BP points required for each level. Sources of BP points include pass-specific missions and daily missions. Some weekly BP missions can be swapped out by tapping on the cycle icon next to its progress bar. You are allowed 6 swaps per week.

Events BPmain.png

Events BPorders.png

Order missions[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

JP EN Points
毎日クエスト、または海域クエストに出撃して20回勝利する Complete 20 daily or ocean area quests 1000
累計で燃料10,000を消費する Spend 10,000 Oil 1000
ムーバー防衛圏に出撃して3回勝利する (swappable) Claim victory in 3 Mover Gauntlet quests 500
敵艦100体を大破させる (swappable) Destroy 100 enemies 500
ムーバー防衛圏に10回出撃する(*戦闘から離脱した際に出撃回数に佳さんされない) (swappable) Complete 10 Mover Gauntlet quests (Retreats do not count) 500
敵BOSS10体を大破させる (swappable) Destroy 10 bosses 500
戦姫を3回突破させる (swappable) Limit break 3 ships 500
R以上の戦姫10名を獲得する (swappable) Obtain 10 R or higher rarity ships 500
SR以上の戦姫1名を獲得する (swappable) Obtain 1 SR or higher rarity ships 500
出撃して手動で3回勝利する(*戦闘開始前、操作モードを調整してください) (swappable) Complete 3 quests manually (*Change to manual before entering an encounter) 500
JP EN Points
任意の戦姫200名を獲得する Obtain 200 ships 2000
毎日クエスト、または海域クエストに出撃して200回勝利する Complete 200 daily or ocean area quests 2000
累計で敵艦に1000万のダメージを与える(【訓練】のダメージは計算されない) Deal a total 10 million damage to enemy ships (does not count training runs) 2000
SSR装備を20個獲得する Obtain 20 SSR equipment 2000
累計で戦姫探索または装備入荷を20回行う Roll the ship or equipment gacha 20 times 2000

BP math[edit | hide | edit source]

Points from dailies: 1000/day

Points from weeklies: 6000/week

Points from seasonals: 10,000/season

Assuming a 4-week/28-day period for each pass: 62,000/season

Points required to get to lv50: 50,000

BP tickets per season: Free pass: 1600 Premium pass: 6400

Total: 8000