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Overview[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

The affection system provides several positive effects the higher your affection with a particular ship. You can check your current affection level with a ship by clicking on the topmost icon on their profile (詳細) from the dock (ドック). Morale is required to operate the various facilities in the base, and has a minor effect on affection.

Affection[edit | hide | edit source]

Affection profile.png

Affection levelcheck.png

Image Affection Level Points Required Notes
Affection disinterested.png Disinterested <50
Affection indifferent.png Indifferent 50–60
Affection friendly.png Friendly 61–80
Affection interested.png Interested 81–99
Affection devoted.png Devoted 100
Affection married.png Married Status after marrying the boat.

Raising Affection Level[edit | hide | edit source]

All ships start at 50 affection. Affection can be raised by winning battles or having the ship as your secretary. However, when the ship's morale is low, her affection may not increase after a battle. In addition, affection will greatly decrease if the ship is sunk in combat. After marrying a ship, their affection gauge will increase from a maximum of 100 to 200.

Action Affection Bonus
Winning a battle 0.06
Flagship bonus 0.015
Earning MVP status 0.015
Having the ship as your secretary 0.13/day

Affection Stat Bonuses[edit | hide | edit source]

The higher affection levels also provide bonuses to basic stats, which are: HP, Shelling, Armor, Torpedo, Torpedo Defense, Strike Damage, Anti-Air.

Affection Points Stat Bonus
61–80 2%
81–99 4%
100 6%
After marriage 8%
200 10%

Morale[edit | hide | edit source]

In addition to having an effect on the affection system, morale is also expended to provide various bonuses to base buildings. All ships start from full morale (150 points)

Checking Ship Morale[edit | hide | edit source]

Ship morale can be checked inside each base facility, and summarized in the base overview.

Morale base.png

Morale list.png

Recovering Morale[edit | hide | edit source]

There are three ways to recover morale. Morale will slowly recover automatically over time if the ship is not assigned to a facility. Assigning the ship to the dormitory will also recover its morale. Putting a ship in the baths will also recover its morale. Some ships have base skills that increase the recovery speed of the dormitory (e.g. Oakland, Saratoga, Zuikaku).

Morale dorm.png